SQLAuthority News – Win Windows Phone from Idera in 140 Characters – A Cartoon Challenge of SQL

I personally have Windows Phone and I love it. The user friendliness and integration with social media is remarkable. My wife Nupur is big fan of Windows Live tools and Windows Phone as well. Well, this blog post is not about our preference of Windows Phone but about YOU a unlocked Windows Phone. The Windows Phone will be directly sponsored by Idera.

SQLAuthority News - Win Windows Phone from Idera in 140 Characters - A Cartoon Challenge of SQL wp7

If you want to win Windows Phone. Just do one thing, complete following cartoon. Every day queries go slow and we think it is SQL Server but the reality is that it is us who need to know the right technology. Idera provides tools for Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and PowerShell management and administration.

SQLAuthority News - Win Windows Phone from Idera in 140 Characters - A Cartoon Challenge of SQL slowquery3

Contest Rules:

  • Answer must be of maximum 140 character.
  • Winner will get Windows Phone or USD 500 Gift Card from Idera.
  • No purchase is required.
  • This contest is open to all SQL enthusiasts in the world.
  • Recipient will be responsible for local taxes.
  • Idera has all the rights to alter, or modify the competition.
  • To participate please a comment to this blog post.
  • One person can participate multiple times.
  • The contest is open till April 20th, 2011.
  • Winner will be announced on April 25st, 2011.
  • Phone image is for illustration purpose.


  • Promote at one more social media place the answer to the question.
  • Comments are moderated for spams and SEO marketers, if your comment does not appear, please send me email.
  • Mentioning Idera in answer is encouraged but not necessary.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • David E Patrick
    April 21, 2011 7:52 am

    A Haiku for you:

    I have Idera
    SQL Doctor diagnose
    fix those slow queries

  • I would have looked in the following format.

    1. sp_who2 to running processes
    2. Inefficient query
    3. Run the query execution plan
    4. Identify the issue according to execution plan
    a. Index/Table Scan or SEEK
    b. Columns in query vs Columns in index
    5. Index fragmentation.
    6. Table Statistics
    7. Which version of SQL is it ? If 2008 or above maybe resource governor is strangling the resources.

  • _

    I recommended Idera to the boss; he said, “We can create that here, we’re a development shop!” So, I proposed we recruit Idera developers.


  • Akash Agarwal
    April 21, 2011 9:03 am

    Check for Joins used.
    Identify area slowing it.
    Check unused Indexs
    check Qry using the indexs.
    use tables filetring more data to be placed Ist.

  • I forget to tell that it’s not same database as he had yesterday,i just move it to other server and Restored bad one at this server.

  • As the days advancing its getting bigger with data, so eventually sql server may go slow, so we can use Idera tools to check performance monitoring and if required we can try to use Idera PowerShell development environment and optimize to queries.!!!

  • Either speed it up or deal with it loser.

  • Not mine. I got rid of my AS400 years ago.

  • I think many contestants forgot these rules..:)

    Answer must be of maximum 140 character.
    The contest is open till April 20th, 2011.

    • For me I did not even consider changes in timezones. I submitted my answer before midnight CST. There was not a clear closing timezone specified. I hope that this does not disqualify those who submitted on here. PS. I also stayed within the 140 character limit :-)

  • Eager to see the winner. Come on pinal dave, make me winner :)

  • Yeh.. We are eager to see WiNNeR !!

  • Hi All,

    Thank you for wonderful participation. I am overwhelmed with the participation and your interest.

    I have created list of all the participants to community leaders ( I will post names later). Due to amount of the participation we are facing issues to pick winners.

    The competition is closed and the winner will be announced very soon – early first week of May

    Many thanks again,
    Pinal Dave

  • Hello Pinal,

    There are many answer which are not as per RULE given. Please ensure before doing further calculation.


  • Hi All,

    Winner will be announced tomorrow. Keep watching.

    Pinal Dave

  • Reply
  • Hi,
    There are a number of common reasons for slow-running queries and updates:

    1. Inadequate memory in the server computer, or not enough memory available for SQL Server.
    2. Lack of useful statistics
    3. Lack of useful indexes.
    4. Lack of useful indexed views.
    5. Lack of useful data striping.
    6. Lack of useful partitioning.

  • what you use in your query and if slow then use index and some function to improve perfomance

  • response by the employee in the cartoon should be “Let me check with Pinal of SQLAuthority, i bet he has a good suggestion! “


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