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Once in a while it is a good idea to take a step away from SQL Server and Technology and have some relax time with funny and interesting things from the web. I am including a few of the interesting quotes today. Let us see Funny Technology Quotes.

SQLAuthority News - Funny Technology Quotes - Humor comic

“User” is the word used by the computer professional when they mean “idiot.”
– Dave Barry

Each time I shut my computer down, I throw my head back in maniacal laughter and scream “Fool! I was only using you!”
– Bridger Winegar

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Give a man Twitter, and he will forget to eat and starve to death.
– Andy Borowitz

The population of earth has reached 7 billion people, every single one of whom send you irritating emails to join something called “LinkedIn.”
– Dave Barry

What I need is a search engine that, no matter what I type in, comes back with GO BACK TO WORK.
– Dave Barry

Technology has really changed parenting. There’s a whole generation of kids whose only childhood memory of their dad will be his bald spot bent over a Blackberry.
– Kate Deimling

Facebook’s new relationship status option: “No longer able to interact with actual people”
– Andy Borowitz

I hope you have enjoyed Funny Technology Quotes.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Dhananjay Kumar
    July 23, 2010 9:08 am

    Thanks for puting my article as Guest post

  • Hi Pinal/Dhananjay,

    It was nice and happy that I could attend your sessions at ahamedabad. Even though I am more into in SQL I did listen and made some notes about Dhananjay’s WCF session. And I could meet only Dhananjay that day, but not Pinal or Jacob. Both were surrounded by questions and people after the session. I could get a moment to meet Dhanjay and say a “Hi”.

    I thought Dhananjay is from Kerala, because 2-3 times Pinal mentioned that he came from “Thrvanthram” (Thiru-Anantha-Puram) :)).

    Anyway, Pinal/Dhananjay/Jacob, It was great. Looking for another session to attend soon.

  • Dear Sir,

    When I write command like show above in Microsoft PowerShell, it show that “wp7ctpfix.ps1 cannot be loaded because running script is disabled in this system.”.
    I’m already download wp7ctpfix.ps1.

    Your Sincerely

    Deab Sina


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