SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2

The second day of PASS started with very engaging and it started with an original game invented by Stuart Ainsworth. This game involves finding twitter people in real life. As I was not one of the square in bingo, I had decided to participate in game myself and try to win if I can. During this process, I felt guilty that I borrowed a pen from Stuart and did not return it back. In fact, after a while someone took the pen from me and never returned it. It is true that karma pays off! I should have returned it right away.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS201
Keynote at SQLPASS
SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS202

Well one very first thing in the day was having breakfast with SQL friends. I met few more celebrities and Arnie Rowland again, who is a genius and very friendly. We all headed towards Keynote at around at 10 PM. The Keynote was great; it started with very interesting details. The current PASS President presented few photos before starting the session. They are as follows:

  • Year 2009 PASS registration is 2,200 for the full day event
  • 24 hours of PASS had 50,123 session registrations from 3,524 people of 70+ countries
  • SQL Server Standard is coming back
  • Microsoft’s Bob Muglia talked about SQL Server on the very first day and its future, and he covered few interesting demos as well
  • Microsoft’s Ted Kummert talked about PASS and reasons to attend PASS. He also presented few testimonies from the customers and interesting demos

Once the session was over, I headed to SQLFool aka Michelle Ufford’s session on Index Optimization session. As I mentioned earlier, she is one expert who should be respected for her extraordinary skills for index optimization.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS203
Michelle Ufford

During lunch we had wonderful event called Features of Birds MVP Lunch. During this event, I talked about Change Data Capture (CDC). I was very fortunate that many people showed up at my table. I really hoped that I could have accommodated everybody; however, the table capacity was only 10. I promise to all of those who missed that I will do special online session.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS206
Pinal on table of Change Data Capture
SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS207
At Lunch – Birds of Feathers

Michelle’s session was followed up by Jacob Sebastian’s session. This session was attended by a large group of XML fans. Just like any other session of Jacob, this session was very well received, and he got a lot of good feedback. Jacob is officially the human XML.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS209
Jacob Sebastian

After these two back–to-back sessions, I felt that I have learned quite a lot for one day. With that confidence, I went to exhibition hall. In the hall, I met so many really cool people whom I always wanted to meet. I also received a lot of giveaways at the expo – 9 T-Shirts, 3 candy boxes, 1 tote bag, and 2 sweet little ducks. I am sure Shaivi (my two-month-old daughter) is going to love those little ducks.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS211
Little Ducks

In the evening, Microsoft threw a very interesting party for all the Microsoft MVPs and it was great fun. Jacob and I were almost lost our way to the party location. We had to hire taxi to reach the location. The taxi driver asked us so many questions that we felt like we were at the prison interrogation location. However, the journey (which seemed a year long) was less than a mile! I met many friends and MS employees there. It was a very great place for interacting with everyone.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS210

Party Evening

Overall, today went great at SQL PASS; I am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming events in the following two days.

SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS200
Jonathan Kehayias and Pinal Dave
SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS205
Ross Mistry and Pinal Dave
SQLAuthority News - SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 - Day 2 SQLPASS208
Pinal Dave at PASS

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Just one word WONDERFUL!!!

  • Ashish Gilhotra
    November 5, 2009 10:26 am

    Thanks for updates..
    Specially for my kind of unfortunate people who don’t make it possible this year.


  • Great tour of SQL Pass for who can’t attend in-person.


  • Hi Pinal,

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the conference. I didn’t realize you were presenting too. I hope your session went well. Maybe next year I will be able to come out and meet you.


  • Hi Pinal,

    I will buy the PASS DVD.

    Great Show PASS

  • Pinal,

    I had fun meeting you at PASS, can you send me the details of your CDC session please. I would like to use the same.

    I never knew they were so useful.

  • Will your session of CDC be on DVD? I have heard that quite a few sessions are not available on DVD as well all the keynotes.

  • Hi Roger,

    No my session of CDC will be not on DVD.

    I did not presented spot lite or regular sessions. I was involved in round table discussion session of CDC. Where we have talked about CDC in depth and I promised that I will provide every one with the script of the same.

    You can download the script from here.

    Regarding Keynote, I think keynote of Dr. Dewitt is on the DVD for sure. As far as I know, all the regular sessions are recorded on DVD.

    I think PASS official can guide you further there.

    Best Regards,

  • Thanks for your email.

  • Hi Pinal,

    It was great to meet you here. I have also sent you email.
    Please do send us the script which you discussed in CDC.

    I still can not believe that you travled all the way from India for this. You make us proud.


  • Hi Pinal,

    I’m regular blogger. I want to learn about sql server 2008.
    Can you tell me the sql server books? Your preferred books and author.


  • Hi ,

    Just seeing above the image of Jacob , sharing the experinces of XML , and noticed down your quote for him the HUMAN XML , so perfect .

    For me , i think of xml and Jacob’s name is there , too much to learn up from this man .

    Please let know the way of having sessions of you guys on a DVD or CD or any recorded format , if so plz tell me up and seriously ill come up all the way to Ahemdabad to gather it along .

    Govind S Yadav


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