SQLAuthority News – Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group Meeting Review – March 21, 2009

We had fun session with Ahmedabad SQL Server Usre Group last week on March 21, 2009. It was short session but one interesting one. We discussed about how query profiler works and how to find most popular query from SQL Server instance. We had also prepared Trace Template as well query which can ran to identify longest running query along with popular query. I received nearly 10 questions after my session and lots of time was spent answering them. The whole session was very interactive.

I want to congratulate everybody who attended it, if you need my Profiler Template and Query to identify longest running query as well popular query, please let me know and I will send them to you.

SQLAuthority News - Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group Meeting Review - March 21, 2009 DSC03791

SQLAuthority News - Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group Meeting Review - March 21, 2009 DSC03801

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal,

    I have seen your website and you have started meeting in Ahmadabad.
    That’s very good news for our gujarat IT eng.
    in your meeting you had a great fun with knowledge shared with each others member . I see on this post and I am happy to see your meeting photo………:) all are looking good. :)

    I have one suggestion…..Please record video of your meetup and upload in youtube and share that video with all groups member who are not able to attend meeting. for some reason.

    Have a great day !

    Shailesh Kavathiya

  • Sir,

    Many people loves you very much. We have big fan base here in B’lore.

    Come down here and we will have big event ready for you.
    Do not publish my name. Email for you only.

    Your Big Fan

  • Can you tell me what is the use of ROLLUP keyword. can we use it practically.


    SELECT SC.CustomerID,
    SUM( soh.TaxAmt) AS TotalTax_Amount,
    GROUPING(SC.CustomerID) AS ‘Grouping1’,
    GROUPING(soh.TaxAmt) AS ‘Grouping2’

    FROM Sales.Customer SC
    INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderHeader soh
    ON SC.CustomerID = soh.CustomerID
    GROUP BY SC.CustomerID,soh.TaxAmt
    WITH rollup

    why doesn’t the Grouping1 coloumn gives 1 when customerID change.

  • Will you be able to send me your Profiler Template and Query to identify Longest running query?

    It will be a great help from your side to resolve my high connection as welll as deadlock issues.

    Thanks in advance
    Sneha Shah

  • Atin Srivastava
    August 5, 2009 3:51 pm

    Can u plz send the Profiler template and query to identify longest running query??

    Thanx a lot in advance



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