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I just received the following screen shot from one of the regular readers of the SQLAuthority.com blog. He pointed out important milestone for our blog. We have crossed 5 million visitors. In less than 2 years SQLAuthority.com blog has been visited by 5 million visitors. I even missed the anniversary our blog. On November 1st, 2008 SQLAuthority.com has completed 2 years of its existence and now continuing in 3rd year.

SQLAuthority News - 5 Millions Visitors - 2 Anniversary - Authors Note on Economy Slow Down and Job Opportunity - SQL Server 5mil

There are many important milestones I have during this journey the most important one is that I have received Microsoft Award for SQL Server Most Valuable Professional. I usually avoid discussing politics or business trends. However, I have received many emails requesting my opinion about the current recession and economic slowdown as well how it will affect SQL Server technology and Job Opportunities.

On occasion of two major events – celebrating the beginning of 3rd year of this blog and crossing 5 million visitors I will share my opinion about economy slow down and SQL Server. If you consider Barack Obama historic victory as US president today, then we have three major events.

Due to current slow down in the economy, it is for sure that budgets of companies are affected, but technological advancement and development is not affected at all. Demand of SQL Server experts is still the same in the job market. If due to any reason any developer has lost his/her job they will find their dream job in no time. Until they find their new job they must continue to learn new technologies. Do not sit around thinking that you will learn new technology when you will find a new job. In fact, learning new technology will help you find a new job. If you have any question or looking for an answer, use the customized search engine which finds your SQL Server answers very quickly Search SQLAuthority.

I am receiving many emails every day when either developer is looking for job or employers are looking for good candidates. I do forward their emails to each other. If you are an employer and looking for good developer contact me as I know many good candidates who are looking for suitable job. If you are employed and looking for job change or unemployed do contact me and I can get you connected to the right person. If you are. NET(C#) and SQL Server 2+ years experience developer in Ahmedabad, India, I have been opening at my organization. If you are eager to learn, I will hire you myself and you will have opportunity to work with me as well other MVPs. I am fortunate to work along with other SQL Server MVP. Take a look at SQLAuthority Job Portal.

Again, I have complete faith that jobs which are related to SQL Server and companies which are depending on SQL Server will not have much problem with the economic slowdown. SQL Server is way more cost effective than its direct competitor and offers way more feature. If you are going to appear for the interview I suggest to prepare properly for the interview. Read following articles and understand them before interview and I promise there will be no issue at all. I am always available to help and I respond to every question and query I receive in 24 hours. Send me email directly at Pinal ‘at’ sqlauthority.com for any help.

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Congratulations Pinal Dave !!

    I discovered your site about 6 months ago when looking for Best Practices and now come back on a regular if not daily basis. As a junior DBA I have much to learn and this site is always a good place to start my day.

    Thanks !!

  • Oh … and today on Nov 6th it says:

    Blog Stats

    * 5,029,264 Readers

    That’s almost 30,000 readers in one day !!

  • Congratulations!

    5 millions visitors is no small feat, and keep up the good work

    I still visit your site daily (and not just using RSS), so I am helping as much as I can :P


  • Imran Mohammed
    November 8, 2008 6:36 am


    You wont believe how many times I visit your page …. finally there was a stage when ever I use to get even 10 minutes or when I am traveling … I see only website using my phone

    Its really cool website.



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