SQL SERVER – White Papers: Migration from Oracle Sybase, or Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server

Guide to Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server 2005
This white paper explores challenges that arise when you migrate from an Oracle 7.3 database or later to SQL Server 2005. It describes the implementation differences of database objects, SQL dialects, and procedural code between the two platforms. The entire migration process using SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle (SSMA Oracle) is explained in depth, with a special focus on converting database objects and PL/SQL code.

Guide to Migrating from Sybase ASE to SQL Server 2005
This white paper covers known issues for migrating Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database to SQL Server 2005. Instructions for handling the differences between the two platforms are included. The paper describes how SQL Server Migration Assistant for Sybase, the best tool for this type of migration, can help resolve various migration issues.

Guide to Migrating from Microsoft Access to SQL Server 2005
This white paper covers migrating Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server 2005 and discusses the differences between the two platforms. SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA Access) is the best tool for this type of migration; this paper tells you how to use it to mitigate potential problems in database conversion. For additional information, also see the white paper Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005: What’s Right in Your Organization?

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Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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    I am working on Dataconversion project. I want to validate the source data comes from Sqlserver 2005 and destination data from Oracle. I used to work on VB6 to .net on sql server conversion project. When I was validating the source and destination data I have written as one query for source and destination tables and gave the different server names on joins. My question is Can we write in query the Sql server data and oracle data? or Do we need to different queries for comparing the source and destination?


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