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Lots of travelers are visiting to Las Vegas due to long weekend of Memorial Day. I was invited to dinner meeting by two of my readers. It was wonderful discussion with them. We primarily discussed about scalability and upgrading issues about SQL Server. I received feedback about SQLAuthority.com site. There were two primarily request for them. I have been working on both of them already as I have received quite a few request for them from other readers as well. Beta testing has been completed, I will announce them on 1st June.

While enjoying dinner I was asked interesting question and I would like to share it with all other readers.

Microsoft has published article about Top 30 Features of SQL Server 2005 in Nov 2005. If I have to pick TOP 3 features of them which I will pick and why? Now, all of those 30 features are important and I have to pick only 3. I answered top 3 from my memory. The comparable feature from original article are here.

SQL Server Management Studio

Most used feature of SQL Server, which has way more features than previous versions of Query Analyzer and SQL Management Studio combined.


Developers are most important factor in any programming language. This is the prominent and upgraded tool for Developers.

Security Enhancements

The security model in SQL Server 2005 separate users from objects, provides fine-grain access, and enables greater control of data access


Important of Security is self explaining.

Online Indexing Operations

While a clustered index is being rebuilt, you can continue to make updates to the underlying data and perform queries against the data.


In larger database, as time passes system keeps on getting slower. To improve the system performance Index operations are important. In larger database, SQL Server 2000 used to lock the files/tables when rebuilding the database and it was creating timeouts as well as deadlocks. In SQL Server 2005 this features resolves the issue. Improved performance with database operation un-interrupted is quite remarkable.

SQLAuthority News - Author Visit - Meeting with Readers - Top Three Features of SQL SERVER 2005 VegasDinner

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal,
    How are you? I am happy that you get together with some readers at some point. It is great!!
    By the way, have you got chance to look documentation of upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005. I would be grateful if you could send me the detail steps of Migration process.

    I am learing a lot from your articles. Thank you for all of your effort.
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