SQL SERVER – Poll – What would you love to see in SQL in Sixty Seconds?

Last week, I had my very first SQL in Sixty Seconds Video of this year. Lots of people send me email asking for me to continue this series as it was extremely fun at times to watch the video. I am going to start the series again in the month of June. However, I need your help to decide what would like to see in SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos.

Here are quick poll and I requesting you to help me with the poll.


If you leave a comment to this blog post and if I build a SQL in Sixty Seconds Video on it. I will send you a surprise gift (worth USD 25).

Earlier Videos

Here are few of my previous SQL in Sixty Seconds Video. Please check them out they should give you an idea what I usually cover in Sixty Seconds.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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7 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Poll – What would you love to see in SQL in Sixty Seconds?

  1. I’d recommend doing something like a surface level view of what indexes are and how they are used in relational databases. You obviously couldn’t go very deep into data structures in a sort video, but a surface view and practical understanding would be helpful and would address a deficiency I’ve seen in many candidates I’ve interviewed. Thanks for your consistent and high quality content.

    • Wow. How could anyone apply for a database job without knowing at least in definition what an index is and can be used for? Amazing.

  2. What’s a good way to write a script for SQL Server to run a query every X seconds to output a text or csv file with some data in it?

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  4. Another idea would be to give a quick overview of replication – what and why you would want to use it. Maybe a quick view of different types and how to set it up.

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