SQLAuthority News – 7th Anniversary of Blog – A Personal Note

777 SQLAuthority News   7th Anniversary of Blog   A Personal Note

Special Day

Today is a very special day – seven years ago I blogged for the very first time.  Seven years ago, I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how to blog, or even what a blog was or what to write.  I was working as a DBA, and I was trying to solve a problem – at my job, there were a few issues I had to fix again and again and again.  There were days when I was rewriting the same solution over and over, and there were times when I would get very frustrated because I could not write the same elegant solution that I had written before.  I came up with a solution to this problem – posting these solutions online, where I could access them whenever I needed them.  At that point, I had no idea what a blog was, or even how the internet worked, I had no idea that a blog would be visible to others.  Can you believe it?

Google it on Yahoo!

After a few posts on this “blog,” there was a surprise for me – an e-mail saying that someone had left me a comment.  I was surprised, because I didn’t even know you could comment on a blog!  I logged on and read my comment.  It said: “I like your script,but there is a small bug.  If you could fix it, it will run on multiple other versions of SQL Server.”  I was like, “wow, someone figured out how to find my blog, and they figured out how to fix my script!”  I found the bug, I fixed the script, and a wrote a thank you note to the guy.  My first question for him was: how did you figure it out – not the script, but how to find my blog?  He said he found it from Yahoo Search (this was in the time before Google, believe it or not).

From that day, my life changed.  I wrote a few more posts, I got a few more comments, and I started to watch my traffic.  People were reading, commenting, and giving feedback.  At the end of the day, people enjoyed what I was writing.  This was a fantastic feeling!  I never thought I would be writing for others.  Even today, I don’t feel like I am writing for others, but that I am simply posting what I am learning every day.  From that very first day, I decided that I would not change my intent or my blog’s purpose.

72 Million Views – 2600 Posts – 57000 comments – 10 books – 9 courses

Today, this blog is my habit, my addiction, my baby.  Every day I try to learn something new, and that lesson gets posted on the blog.  Lately there have been days where I am traveling for a full 24 hours, but even on those days I try to learn something new, and later when I have free time, I will still post it to the blog.  Because of this habit, this blog has over 72 millions views, I have written more than 2600 posts, and there are 57,000 comments and counting.  I have also written 10 books, 9 courses, and learned so many things.  This blog has given me back so much more than I ever put it into it.  It gave me an education, a reason to learn something new every day, and a way to connect to people.  I like to think of it as a learning chain, a relay where we all pass knowledge from one to another.

Never Ending Journey

When I started the blog, I thought I would write for a few days and stop, but now after seven years I haven’t stopped and I have no intention of stopping!  However, change happens, and for this blog it will start today.  This blog started as a single resource for SQL Server, but now it has grown beyond, to Sharepoint, Personal Development, Developer Training, MySQL, Big Data, and lots of other things.  Truly speaking, this blog is more than just SQL Server, and that was always my intention.  I named it “SQL Authority,” not “SQL Server Authority”!  Loudly and clearly, I would like to announce that I am going to go back to my roots and start writing more about SQL, more about big data, and more about the other technology like relational databases, MySQL, Oracle, and others.  My goal is not to become a comprehensive resource for every technology, my goal is to learn something new every day – and now it can be so much more than just SQL Server.  I will learn it, and post it here for you.

I have written a very long post on this anniversary, but here is the summary: Thank You.  You all have been wonderful.  Seven years is a long journey, and it makes me emotional.  I have been “with” this blog before I met my wife, before we had our daughter.  This blog is like a fourth member of the family.  Keep reading, keep commenting, keep supporting.  Thank you all.

journeyroad SQLAuthority News   7th Anniversary of Blog   A Personal Note

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

70 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – 7th Anniversary of Blog – A Personal Note

  1. Pinal – 7 Years is a long time. More than anything else, being consistent for every single day to share something is an achievement by itself.
    It takes quite an effort to write a single post with information useful to people. And that too on as area like SQL Server, your 2600 posts have helped tons of people out there to solve their problems.
    Respects, congrats and keep doing the great work as we look forward for many more 7 years to come in the future. Learning doesn’t stop, sharing doesn’t stop at SQLAuthority. I am glad I could be of small help in this journey as you complete your 7th anniversary !!! All the best.


    • Thank you so much Sir – you know you are one of the key people in my journey. This journey could have not possible or might have stopped way long back (you know when), if I had not received unconditional support!

      Respect to you!


  2. Pinal, first of all – congratulations for this journey and I know you have more greater things coming along. This blog has not just encouraged but blessed with inspiration and pushed idle like me to dig more. Thank you so much.


  3. 72 Million Views – 2600 Posts – 57000 comments – 10 books – 9 courses in 7 Year !!!
    Values of these Posts is thousand times more than its figure.
    hats off…


  4. Congratulations…I’m not sure that I have ever commented before on any of your posts but you have been a critical resource for my own professional development. Thank you for your efforts…looking forward to another 7 years!


  5. It is a great work to share the ideas and code in IT industry, because there are few people only like this in india … you are my favourite person. your post are very useful for all persons to understand from basics to expert …. Congrats and Thanks for spending a Time for others to teach something new for every day.


  6. Hello Sir,

    Many Many Congratulations….
    You are always idol for me and many people like me….

    Thanks for such wonderful knowledge sharing..


  7. Congratulations Pinal.. Everyday at 7.30 I wait for the new article of the day and I get it at that time everyday. Your dedication for the contribution to the technical community is really appreciable and I will see another 7….14…28… years milestone . Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


  8. I have a lot of respect for what you do and the great information on you blog. Keep up the great work! By the way, I was at one of your presentations on indexes and it was super educational while also entertaining.


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