SQL SERVER – FIX – ERROR – Service Logon Failure (ObjectExplorer)

Just another day I received following error while starting my agent. As soon as I received following error I felt like Deja Vu. I had similar feeling few days ago. I quickly looked at my blog post history and I found out following article SQL SERVER – Fix : Error : The request failed or the service did not respond in timely fashion. Consult the event log or other applicable error logs for details.

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Unable to start service SQLSERVERAGENT on server PINALKUMAR. (mscorlib)
Service Logon Failure (ObjectExplorer)

Indeed this was again issue with my changed password which I forget to change it for my SQL Server Agent. Once I changed the password, it fixed itself.

I guess this should be last time when I change my password and do not change it in my services depending on the same login.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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17 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – FIX – ERROR – Service Logon Failure (ObjectExplorer)

  1. Hello!

    A lot of users have always been confused with using the Local System v/s Network Service v/s Windows Credentials to run the SQL Server services. In one of the future posts, can you throw some light on how each of these affect SQL Server?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nakul Vachhrajani

    Be courteous. Drive responsibly.

    • We have SQL server 2012 running the SQL SERVER SERVICES & agent by viz NT Service / MSSQLSERVER & NT Service / SQLSERVERAGENT
      We don’t know the SA password. Is there any way out to resolve this issue.

      • We have SQL server 2012 running the SQL SERVER SERVICES & agent by viz NT Service / MSSQLSERVER & NT Service / SQLSERVERAGENT
        We don’t know the SA password. Is there any way out to resolve this issue.
        We are facing error 3417 & my sql is not starting where it had 1 LUN attached from the storage which is showing on the server.

        is there any tool which can reset the SA password. How to resolve this & start the sql server?

  2. Hi

    I am facing problem in one of my sql server 2000 system,

    following is version detail of my server:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 8.00.760 (Intel X86) Dec 17 2002 14:22:05 Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation Enterprise Edition on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)

    problem is very strange I am facing, sql server did not write anything in the logs;

    my application face following exception;

    System.InvalidOperationException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was
    reached. at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionFactory.GetConnection(DbConnection owningConnection) at System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionClosed.OpenConnection(DbConnection outerConnection, DbConnectionFactory connectionFactory) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open() at Service.start_process(String s) at Service.ConvertToEnglish(String UrduData, String LoginID, String Password)

    while connection are set to unlimited;


    can you please guide me what I am missing in my system

    Thanks and Regards


  3. Hi Pinal,

    I am also facing this type of problem but the difference is that i am unable to start mssqlserver also. but all the thing are fine with MSSQLEXPRESS . Pinal tell me what i will do.

    Thanks in advance

  4. hi pinal,

    which is the best high availability method ?
    1. Database Mirroring
    2. Log Shipping
    3. Replication

  5. Hi,

    i’m unable to login with sqlserver authentication and i have changed the password of SA
    by going through object explorer and right clicking on SA-properties-conformed the new password-enable in the login section-clicked on ok…..

    after changing the password when i’m trying to login i getting an error
    “A conncetion was successfully established with the server,but then an error occured during the login process.(provider:shared memory provider,error:0-no process is on the other end of the pipe)(micorsoft SQL server,error:233)”

    please, can u help me out…

  6. This article is very much useful as I think. The description is too good. I was looking for such article. I have read a similar article here “http://www.techyv.com/article/explaining-all-services-sql” which is very helpful also.

  7. Dear Pinal,
    I changed service account to Local System too for Server service,it is started successfully also. Thanks a lot.

  8. Sharlo,
    My password did not change.After using the copy database wizard i shut down the machine because even though the copy database wizard showed success in all 5 parts the database did not copy to the new location.

  9. Hi, my data base mdf size is around 75 gb and available size is around 50 gb . when i am trying to shrink it is getting the error 1222. can i check with smaller size or is there is any solution to shrink the db

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