SQL SERVER – Denali – Improvement in Startup Options

I often work with advanced features of the SQL Server and this really led me to change how SQL Server is starting up. Recently I was changing the start up options in SQL Server and I was very delighted when I saw the startup option screen in Denali. It has really improved and is very convenient to use. Now I realized that the more I use Denali, the more I love it.

Here is the screen of the earlier version of SQL Server. Frankly speaking, it was a bit difficult to modify. I used to copy the settings to notepad and then change each one of them.

SQL Server 2000:

Here is the screen of SQL Server ‘Denali’, the next version of the SQL Server. You can get to the screen using following path:

SQL Server Configuration Manager >> SQL Server Services >> Properties >> Startup Parameters.

SQL Server ‘Denali':

Sometimes small things like these make the life of DBA a lot easier.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

6 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Denali – Improvement in Startup Options

  1. yeah. but most (or all) of the features or settings can be configured with a sql statement. So there is no need for using this dialoge.



    • Henrik– I know it has been a year, but can you tell me how? I have been unable to find or derive any script that will tell me what startup parameters and trace flags are listed without going through the front end!

      Thanks, Adrienne


  2. Henrik, for a programmar’s perspective this feature may not be useful. But it is useful for the admin. There is no harm in learning the things to do in one or more ways.


  3. This is a good improvement but is the dialog re-sizable? Hope they have not forgotten to add this small but handy property to such dialogs where there is a lot of information.


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