SQLAuthority News – 4th Birthday of Blog – 20 Million Views – Blog Anniversary – A Milestone

Today is Nov 1, 2010. Four years ago, on the same day of the year 2006,  I wrote my first blog without thinking or even understanding where this blog was going to. The reason I started blogging was very simple- I just wanted to keep a note of what I learn every day. It was really that simple.

This blog also have completed 20 Million Views! I will post a detail statistics very soon in separate post.

Today is this blog’s 4th birthday. It has completed the long journey of 4 years.

4thyear SQLAuthority News   4th Birthday of Blog   20 Million Views   Blog Anniversary   A Milestone

I previously explained the reason of the origin of this blog over here: SQL SERVER – 1500 Posts – A MileStone – Origin of Blog Name Revealed

Coming to SQL with a developer’s background was very easy, but learning all the aspects of Database Administration was a bit difficult when I was beginning on my job. I think there are various helpful stuffs for developers and administrators online, but there are a very few help available when we look for the Performance Tuning area only. Although the focus of this blog is not on any particular topic, there are several people who think that the focus of this blog is on performance tuning. And I cannot deny that because my core expertise is performance tuning so it’s just natural that I write more about this subject. However, the real center of this blog was very simple: to remember whatever I learn. I think I have kept well with this aim.

I have been providing two major services recently:

1) Performance Tuning Health Check

2) Learning Performance Tuning Health Check (so you can do it yourself)

Well, I have nothing to add more today as I am feeling overwhelmed thinking about all the writing I have been doing. I have been enjoying every bit of it and I plan to continue for a longer time.

Just as always, this would have not been possible without all of YOU.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

21 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – 4th Birthday of Blog – 20 Million Views – Blog Anniversary – A Milestone

  1. Congrats Pinal Sir for the 4th anniversary for this blog. Without you this blog cant be successes. I have learnt lots from this blog. Thanks a lot for guiding me and millions of people about SQL.


  2. Hai Pinal Sir,

    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR blog.sqlauthority.com
    This is a really great achievement of one who is enthusiastic about the SQL SERVER.
    We got so much of information from this blog.
    Really , we are very much thankful to u and ur blog.



  3. Congratulations and keep going in throwing light in to the uncovered and less understood areas of SQL Server. I think you are the Itzik Ben-Gan of India


  4. You’ve saved me countless hours of frustration – you’re an excellent source of expertise and information. Happy birthday from a thankful Canadian.


  5. Hi Pinal,

    Congratulations and Thanks a lot for the numerous blog articles which have thrown light on many unknown things in SQL Server.



  6. Dear Pinal Sir,
    we are really very very happy that you have achieved a great success by writing blog every day and completed the journey of long 4 years. This is some thing very special to us and this is due to your firm dedication towards your work and zeal to do something innovative. congratulations to you for the good work done and also wish you to continue the same in future.


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