SQL SERVER – 1500 Posts – A MileStone – Origin of Blog Name Revealed

This is my 1500th blog post.

I am very happy. In my earlier 1400th blog post mile stone, I made a promise that I would explain why I have chosen SQLAuthority.com as my blog’s name.

Let me share with you the story about how I came up with the name.

In my earlier career days, I was used to code in ColdFusion programming language, and there was a site called Fusion Authority. I was always referring to it whenever I had to get any latest details of the subject. The name inspired me so I started checking out if there were already a site SQLAuthority.com, but after frequently checking it, the site really did not exist. I wondered who might have already owned the domain, but I saw that this domain was still available for purchase. This way, I came across this domain and decided to use it to start my blog all about SQL.

The main reason why I blog is just to remember what I have learned. These blog entries are truly my journey. This is what I am learning; this is what you can count on me knowing. Quite often I get an email wherein someone wants me to write on a different subject, so I welcome the mail and see if that fits my interests. If it is something new, like a topic about later versions of SQL Server, I would be interested for sure, so I write about the topic suggested to me. I often fail to respond when I have to troubleshoot SQL Server v7 or earlier, because I do not have access to those machines anymore.

This journey is truly remarkable that’s why I still continue to walk on it. I am looking forward to the next two milestones on this blog, which are soon to happen:

  1. 4th Birthday of the blog
  2. 20 Millions Views

I got many requests to show my blog statistics, so now I promise that I will do so once either of the two milestones listed above occurs.

The person I must thank is YOU – you who continuously guides me, helps me and encourages me.

This is not only my blog; this is your blog, too and I must congratulate all of you for this great milestone.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Congratulations…!!!
    I think all your blogposts can be combined and published as book. or I think you should try writing a book.
    I will assure you I will be one of the many buyers.

    Thanks a lot for your blogposts.
    keep doing this gr8 work……………..

  • Congrats! Keep up the good blogging

  • congrats your every article is nice

    and i want to say that i have read many article

    i have learnt many quries

    thankyou sir

  • Congratulations Pinal. Keep it up

  • Congratulations Pinal Sir,

    This is not just a blog.
    This is like dictionary,library,encyclopedia,wikipedia and soon… for those who want to clarifey their doubts regarding SQL SERVER.
    That all credit goes to u only.
    Its my habit to read ur blog everyday…


  • Hi Dave

    Its really great to read articles in Ur blog. As a beginner in SQL I am able to unterstand the SQL in better way..

    I really accept as mentor for my journey in SQL


    Josh Chowdary


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