SQLAuthority News – Monthly Roundup of SQLAuthority Blog Posts

Since I started the monthly round up of the blog post, I have received many positive feedback. I plan to continue doing this month refresher every month now. This rounds ups are my mirror and informs me what I have been doing whole month. Here is quick look at the last month.

The month started very interesting with my daughter’s birthday SQLAuthority News – Fathers and Daughters. As this was very first birthday it was very special for me. I had great time enjoying with her quality time and it was all fun. I am an MVP and I am one proud one. I think MVP demonstrates community dedication and extreme passionate for community, I explained my understanding in the article SQLAuthority News – What is an MVP? – How to become an MVP?.

There was very interesting conversation on the subject of Soft-Delete SQL SERVER – Soft Delete – IsDelete Column – Your Opinion and really think community participated very well on the subject. I am also involved in training very unique fast track data ware house course and I have made few notes over here SQL SERVER – Few Notes on Fast Track Data Warehouse.

Not everything was as great as I expected during the whole month, I was really abused by Indian Airlines Spicejet I finally wrote about their harassment over SQLAuthority News – Spicejet Complaint – Update – No Outcome.If you want to read complete story, you can read my earlier article on the same subject SQLAuthority News – Spicejet Complain – Do Not Fly with Spicejet.

All DBA face common problems when their log file grow too big, I tried to answer the question in article SQL SERVER – How to Stop Growing Log File Too Big.

How can I not write on my favorite subject of indexing in any month.

I have also written series of limitation of the view. Here is the complete series.

I would like to request your feedback on the limitation of the view blog post series.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

One thought on “SQLAuthority News – Monthly Roundup of SQLAuthority Blog Posts

  1. Hi,

    Today, I check the series of Limitations in View.

    I am not much knowledge in SQL Server.

    I know just using a view to write a query and then


    But, after reading your blog with View Limitations.

    I will know many of the things in View.. Its more useful.

    Really, ” Limitations in View has Limitless ”

    I understood that much from your blog..


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