SQLAuthority News – SolidQ Journal Released – A Must Read for All

SQL Server is one of the most popular products of Microsoft and a large amount of quality content is available online. Solid Quality Mentors have together built a superior quality journal, which contains the best of the best authentic articles from renowned experts of SQL Server.

solidqj SQLAuthority News   SolidQ Journal Released   A Must Read for All

When I downloaded SolidQ Journal, the very first feeling I got was like that of old days of reading technology magazines online. Very soon, I was busy reading the articles one by one and did not realize that I spend nearly 3 hours on single sitting reading the entire journal. After reading it completely, I felt that I am grateful that I am working for the company that is behind this wonderful publication. SolidQ Journal  will now surely fill in the void in SQL Server space by compiling such articles.

The article which impressed me the most was that of Dr. Greg Low. He raises very interesting questions regarding foreign keys.

Should SQL Server Automatically Index Foreign Key Constraints?

Although you can usually create better indexes on columns in foreign keys constraints than that provided by a default index, the problem is that often no index is created on foreign keys at all. What is your opinion on the same? Dr. Greg explains this subject very interestingly. He starts this article with a real world experience of Solid Quality Mentors talking about creating index to improve performance and then leads to a wonderful explanation of the current scenario and his proposed solution. If this question has ever raised your curiosity, I suggest that you read the article.

In addition to Dr. Greg, there are many Excellent SQL Server Experts who have contributed to this journal. Many thanks to Fernando G. Guerrero, Mark Tabladillo, Stephen Cohen, Brian Moran, Andrew J. Kelly, Gianluca Hotz, Craig Utley, Greg Low, Ken Spencer, and Herbert Albert for taking time out from their busy schedule and providing this FREE quality read to the community.

Read SolidQ Journal

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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