SQLAuthority News – Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group Meet – Dec 19, 2009

Just like every month Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group meeting was held on Dec 19, 2009, at Ahmedabad. The interactive meeting was huge success as we had wonderful audience. We had three speakers this time.

Tejas Shah talked about “Write CROSS TAB Query with PIVOT”. Tejas is an excellent SQL Expert and a very talented individual. It gives me great pleasure when I see any UG member who updates himself to next level. Tejas has earlier presented many sessions at UG, but this was one of the best sessions. He started with a very basic example and then took it to very complex level in 30 min. He made sure that every attendee understood the subject properly.

His session was followed by a quick note regarding the tips and tricks of SQL server by myself. I talked about few myths amongst developers regarding the working with SQL Server. I always enjoy talking about a subject where the results are unexpected even though the code looks very simple.

My session was followed up by a panel discussion between Pinal Dave (myself) and Jacob Sebastian (SQL Server MVP). We talked about the recent happenings in SQL Server world as we answered few questions from the attendees.

Overall, the event was very satisfying and it was great to meet the SQL Enthusiasts in the city.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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5 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group Meet – Dec 19, 2009

  1. hai pinal

    i have a salary column in employees table with values as

    using stored procedure by passing parameters i want to display the highest salary

    ax,if we give 1 as parameter 30000 must display and if give 2 then 20,000 must be displayed

    pls provide me the solution

    Thanx in advance

  2. Hello Senjay,

    Use the below script:

    DECLARE @Level int
    SET @Level = 2;
    WITH CTE (RN,Salary)
    SELECT top 1 * FROM CTE WHERE RN = @Level

    In your stored procedure, pass a value in @Level variable using parameter.

    Pinal Dave

    • Hi senjay,
      the numbers returned by the DENSE_RANK function do not have gaps and always have consecutive ranks.
      In case one uses RANK() function, in cases of rank being tied, it does not return consecutive integers.

  3. Hi Senjay
    You can also use

    This query works in AdventureWorks2008.

    DECLARE @N smallint
    SET @N = 10
    Select distinct PP_o.StandardCost
    from Production.Product PP_o where (@N-1) = (select count(distinct(PP_i.StandardCost))
    from Production.Product PP_i
    WHERE PP_o.StandardCost < PP_i.StandardCost)

    Thanks — Vijaya Kadiyala

  4. dear sir
    i am working in MLM com which plan having giving payout 1 is 2 or 2 is 1 payout scheme.
    means one person introduce in left side 1 and right side 2 or left side 2 and right side 1
    i stored user table in following way
    userid name parentid positionid
    1 kamal null null
    2 sunil 1 1
    3 rajesh 1 2
    4 ramesh 1 2
    5 amit 2 1
    6 rahul 2 1
    7 abhishek 2 2

    in this table only two person who are eligible to payout
    kamal and sunil
    but i am unable to write the query please help me for write the sql server query

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