SQLAuthority News – MVP Award Renewed

Year ago, it was a great, perhaps the proudest moment of my professional life. I was awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SQL Server by Microsoft.

Today, I received an email informing me that I have been re-awarded SQL Server MVP status by Microsoft in recognition of my community contributions. It’s yet another proud moment for me. I’m very happy and excited that my hard work is being recognized.  I hope to work even harder and serve my community better!

Microsoft Thank You! There’s a huge list of people I would like to thank for this award. However, instead of listing their names here, I will be sending personal note to them to express my thanks.

MVP SQLAuthority News   MVP Award RenewedPinal Dave
pinal “at” sqlauthority.com

Please feel free to contact me for any help.

 SQLAuthority News   MVP Award Renewed

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

26 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – MVP Award Renewed

  1. Great Congrads….

    Through http://www.sqlauthority.com, I meet you everyday.

    Really I wonder, How amidst your daily professional/personal commitments, you could manage your time, to share things without a miss for a day.

    Along with your technical knowledge and expertise, your time management is adorable. I am one among the many, who long to meet you in life time and may that time come soon.

    Thanks again, for everthing.



  2. Hello

    Congrates! :)
    Thats really a good news. please continue this contribution and help sharing your knowledge to all.



  3. Congratulations for this great achievement. I think it is rare to achieve MVP award multiple times. I would like to dedicate you a relevant quote here
    “It is easy to become number one than to stay number one”. And you stayed at this position.



  4. Congrats from Rwanda!!!

    If everybody in every community from all walks of life could server one another like the IT community does the world would be a paradise!

    It’s beyond the doubts of truth that you[Pinal] deserve this prestigious recognition for your IT community service.

    Congratulations once again!


  5. U R so hardcore, having most valued personality! SQL 24×7! I bet U sleep on a bed made of shredded SQL books so that U can learn while U sleep.


  6. I am creating many index, having very much times of good and bad. Your many index tip make performance so mediocre, no wonder Microsoft give great honor.

    All my DB are belong to you.


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