SQL SERVER – Getting Started with Accelerated Database Recovery – Instant Rollback

There are many reasons to envy my job as SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert Consultant but the most important reason is that I get to work on quite often the latest version of SQL Server. Just the other day I had an early adopter customer who was using SQL Server 2019 for their environment and they wanted me to help them with the new feature of Accelerated Database Recovery.

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As you might already know that I am a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert who also acts as a “on-demand consultant” for many organizations across the world who have performance tuning or any other issue related to SQL Server. Once I was working with one of my clients and their DBA asked a question. In this blog, we would learn about possible ways to handle a situation where DBCC CHECKDB is indefinitely waiting for PREEMPTIVE_OS_DEVICEIOCONTROL.

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SQL SERVER – Upgrade Error – ALTER DATABASE Statement Not Allowed Within Multi-statement Transaction

Most of the time applying service pack for SQL Server is a child’s play. Double click on exe, keep hitting next, next and finally press update. But when it fails, you would need an expert to fix the issue. Recently, one of my clients faced a problem while installing SQL Server 2014 Sp2. The Service Pack error failed at the final stage. And now the SQL Server services were not starting. This issue can have various variations where SQL Services doesn’t start after patching. Few on my earlier blogs on the same topic are listed below. Let us learn about ALTER DATABASE Statement Not Allowed Within Multi-statement Transaction.

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