SQL SERVER – UDF – User Defined Function to Extract Only Numbers From String

Following SQL User Defined Function will extract/parse numbers from the string. CREATE FUNCTION ExtractInteger(@String VARCHAR(2000)) RETURNS VARCHAR(1000) AS BEGIN DECLARE @Count INT DECLARE @IntNumbers VARCHAR(1000) SET @Count = 0 SET @IntNumbers = '' WHILE @Count <= LEN(@String) BEGIN IF SUBSTRING(@String,@Count,1) >= '0' AND SUBSTRING(@String,@Count,1) <= '9' BEGIN SET @IntNumbers =…
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SQL SERVER – UDF – Function to Convert Text String to Title Case – Proper Case

Following function will convert any string to Title Case. I have this function for long time. I do not remember that if I wrote it myself or I modified from original source. Run Following T-SQL statement in query analyzer: SELECT dbo.udf_TitleCase('This function will convert this string to title case!') The…
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