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Recently I have gotten many, many requests for SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers as well as related articles. It seems many people are looking for Job or appearing for an interview at this time of the year. I have included lists of the my top downloads in the sidebar of the blog, still I receive many curious questions as side bar does not show up in the RSS feed.

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SQL SERVER – Transaction and Local Variables – Swap Variables – Update All At Once Concept

This article is inspired from two sources. Let us learn today about how to swap variables by updating everything at once concepts.

1) My year old article – SQL SERVER – Effect of TRANSACTION on Local Variable – After ROLLBACK and After COMMIT
2) Discussion with SQL Server MVP – Jacob Sebastian – SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – SQL Hour at Patni Computer Systems

I usually summarize my article at the end, but this time let me summarize first and we will understand the article next.

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SQLAuthority News – Download – Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR September CTP

In addition to providing support for SQL Server 2008 database projects, this release incorporates many previously released Power Tools as well as several new features. The new features include distinct Build and Deploy phases, Static Code Analysis and improved integration with SQL CLR projects. Database Edition no longer requires a Design Database. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install an instance of SQL Express or SQL Server prior to using Database Edition. Let us learn about Visual Studio Team System.

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SQL Server – 2008 – Cheat Sheet – One Page PDF Download

Very frequently I have been asked to create a page, post or article where in one page all the important concepts of SQL Server are covered. SQL Server 2008 is very large subject and can not be even covered 1000 of pages. In daily life of DBA there are few commands very frequently used and for novice developers it is good to keep all the important SQL Script and SQL Statements handy.

I have attempted to create cheat sheet for SQL Server 2008 most important commands. User can print this in one A4 size page and keep along with them. This can be used in interviews where T-SQL scripts are being asked.

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SQL SERVER – Renaming SP is Not Good Idea – Renaming Stored Procedure Does Not Update sys.procedures

I have written many articles about renaming a table, columns, and procedures SQL SERVER – How to Rename a Column Name or Table Name, here I found something interesting about renaming the stored procedures and felt like sharing it with you all. Let us learn about how renaming stored procedure does not update sys.procedures.

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SQL SERVER – 2008 – Interview Questions and Answers Complete List Download

The interview is a very important event for any person. A good interview leads to good career if the candidate is willing to learn. I always enjoy interviewing questions and answers series. This is my very humble attempt to write SQL Server 2008 interview questions and answers. SQL Server is a very large subject and not everything is usually asked in interview. In interview what matters the most is the learning attitude.

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