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This post is a response to one of the most asked questions where to get Sample Database for SQL Server 2008. The name of the new sample database is AdventureWorks.

Update: Please refer this blog post for the updated instructions Download and Install Adventure Works 2014 Sample Databases.

A few days ago, I received a DM asking What is an AdventureWorks database and why in all the examples I use that instead of any other database (e.g. Pubs or  Northwind)? As a matter of fact, when I went back to my question list, which I have yet not answered, there were a few more variations of this same question.

AdventureWorks have replaced Northwind and Pubs from the sample database in SQL Server 2005.

The Microsoft team keeps updating the sample database as they release new versions.

You can download either of the data files and create a database using the same. Here is the script which demonstrates how to create a sample database in SQL Server 2012.

Here is a quick video on this subject.

Here is a schematic of the AdventureWorks.

SQLAuthority News - Download Sample Database for Microsoft SQL Server Adventureworks-800x496

Every new version of SQL Server should have its own Adventureworks database. The reason is that SQL Server comes up with new features with every version and most of the new features need a new dataset sample to demonstrate the capabilities of the features. This is the why every version of SQL Server has its own AdventureWorks database.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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