SQL SERVER – 7 Resources From Techorama Netherlands 2019

Just earlier today I completed my second edition of Techorama Netherlands. It was fantastic and I had a great time presenting at a day-long training and also two sessions on technology. In this blog post, I will include a few resources which I promised during my presentations at Techorama Netherlands 2019.

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Techorama Netherlands

Here is the title of Pre-Con:

  • 0 (Zero) to Hero: 21 Essential Performance Scripts for Every DBA

Here are the titles of the breakout session:

  • Run Query Run – Wait Stats Reborn
  • Kick Start! SQL Server 2017 / 2019 Performance Tips and Tricks

During the three sessions, I discussed quite a few resources and lots of people wanted access to the resource. I have decided that I will write a blog post here which includes the most important resources which I discussed during the presentations.

Implicit Conversion

During the session, we discussed how implicit conversation can reduce the performance of your SQL Queries. Here are the list of the queries which will help you understand it better.

Missing Indexes and Unused Indexes

Another major discussion which we had done was about how to maintain your indexes. Here are two of the most popular scripts which I had written on the topic of the missing indexes and unused indexes.

Index and Performance

During the demonstrations, we had a long conversation about how indexes not only reduce the performance of the Insert, Update and Delete statements but also reduces the performance of the SELECT statement. I think lots of people were surprised by this one. I am including the link to my earlier video on this topic here.

Index and MUG @ Techorama Netherlands

Lots of people really liked the idea of the Mug which I had created for Index. The mug is SQLAuthority.com branded and you can also have your own mug. Here is the blog post where I have discussed about the mug.

Here is the link to the image which you can use to print your own mug.

SQL SERVER - 7 Resources From Techorama Netherlands 2019 indexes-800x299

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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