SQL SERVER – Example of Performance Tuning for Advanced Users with DB Optimizer

Performance tuning is such a subject that everyone wants to master it. In beginning everybody is at a novice level and spend lots of time learning how to master the art of performance tuning. However, as we progress further the tuning of the system keeps on getting very difficult. I have understood in my early career there should be no need of ego in the technology field. There are always better solutions and better ideas out there and we should not resist them. Instead of resisting the change and new wave I personally adopt it. Let us learn about DB Optimizer.

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SQL – Difference Between INNER JOIN and JOIN

Here is the follow up question to my earlier question SQL – Difference between != and Operator <> used for NOT EQUAL TO Operation. There was a pretty good discussion about this subject earlier and lots of people participated with their opinion. Though the answer was very simple but the conversation was indeed delightful and was indeed very informative. In this blog post I have another following up question to all of you. What is the difference between INNER JOIN and JOIN?

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