SQL – Difference Between INNER JOIN and JOIN

Here is the follow up question to my earlier question SQL – Difference between != and Operator <> used for NOT EQUAL TO Operation. There was a pretty good discussion about this subject earlier and lots of people participated with their opinion. Though the answer was very simple but the conversation was indeed delightful and was indeed very informative. In this blog post I have another following up question to all of you. What is the difference between INNER JOIN and JOIN?

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SQL SERVER – Solution Part 2 – A Quick Puzzle on SQL JOIN and NULL – SQL Brain Teaser

Some questions are timeless and they never grow old; no matter how much they grow old their interest never dies. Earlier, I asked a simple puzzle based on a conversation on SQLAuthority Page, and have received an overwhelming response from readers. I still get emails related to this puzzle every day. Let us see a quick puzzle between SQL Join and SQL Null.

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