SQL SERVER – Tricks to Comment T-SQL in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #019 – Video

Code commeting is the one of the most common tasks developers perform. There are two major reasons why developer comment code. 1) During Debug 2) Documenting the code. While debugging the T-SQL code I have often seen developers struggling to comment code.  They spend (or waste) more time in commenting…
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SQL SERVER – Importing CSV File Into Database – SQL in Sixty Seconds #018 – Video

Importing data into database is one of the most important tasks. I often receive questions regarding what is the quickest way to insert CSV data or how to import CSV Data into SQL Server Table. Honestly the process is very simple and the script is even simpler. In today’s SQL…
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SQL SERVER – Tricks to Replace SELECT * with Column Names – SQL in Sixty Seconds #017 – Video

You might have heard many times that one should not use SELECT * as there are many disadvantages to the usage of the SELECT *. I also believe that there are always rare occasion when we need every single column of the query. In most of the cases, we only…
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SQL SERVER – Standard Reports from SQL Server Management Studio – SQL in Sixty Seconds #016 – Video

SQL Server management Studio 2012 is wonderful tool and has many different features. Many times, an average user does not use them as they are not aware about these features. Today, we will learn one such feature. SSMS comes with many inbuilt performance and activity reports, but we do not…
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SQL SERVER – Quiz and Video – Introduction to Hierarchical Query using a Recursive CTE

This is followed up a blog post of my earlier blog post on the same subject – Introduction to Hierarchical Query using a Recursive CTE – A Primer. In the article we discussed various basic terminology of the CTE. The article further covers following important concepts of common table expression. Let us learn in this video how to do Hierarchical Query using a Recursive CTE.
What is a Common Table Expression (CTE)
Building a Recursive CTE
Identify the Anchor and Recursive Query
Add the Anchor and Recursive query to a CTE
Add an expression to track hierarchical level
Add a self-referencing INNER JOIN statement

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SQL SERVER – Installing AdventureWorks Sample Database – SQL in Sixty Seconds #010 – Video

SQL Server has so many enhancements and features that quite often I feel like playing with various features and try out new things. I often come across situation where I want to try something new but I do not have sample data to experiment with. Also just like any sane developer I…
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