One of the biggest issues I see with at various of my customer who signed up at Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, is about CONVERT_IMPLICIT. As soon as I demonstrate my customer that they are not getting performance due to CONVERT_IMPLICIT their next question is how can they fix the issue of CONVERT_IMPLICIT. In this single blog post, we will learn about how to find this issue and fix it as well.

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SQL SERVER – Fix Error: Invalid object name STRING_SPLIT

Just the other day one of the readers sent me following email after reading my earlier blog post: STRING_SPLIT Function Performance Comparison. He really liked the new feature of SQL Server 2016 and decided to start using this new feature. However, as soon as he started to use this feature, he received following error. He was very much confused why he was not able to use the STRING_SPLIT function even though he had SQL Server 2016.

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