SQL SERVER – Query Listing All the Indexes Key Column with Included Column

Today’s blog post is directly inspired by the conversation I had during my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. During the consulting engagement, we identified the customers had too many indexes on tables. The goal was to consolidate the indexes and to do the same, we realized that we needed a script which lists all the key columns and included columns of the indexes.

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SQL SERVER – How to Optimize Your Server Performance by Reducing IO Waits?

SQL Server performance tuning is often considered as a complex subject and many DBAs and Developers often sees SQL Server Engines as a black box. However, the reality is very different as SQL Server Performance tuning is often a simple art of balancing three of the important resources for any system – 1) CPU, 2) Memory and 3) IO. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can reduce critical waits for queries and optimize server performance.

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SQL SERVER – Finding The Oldest Query Plan From Cache

Often people ask where do I come up with a new blog idea everyday. Well, answer is that I am not the one who comes up with new idea, it is all of you who inspire everyday with a new idea. Recently one of the healtch check client Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check asked me if there is anyway can see the oldest query plan from the cache for his server.

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