What are Forwarded Records in SQL Server? – Interview Question of the Week #145

Question: What are Forwarded Records in SQL Server?

Answer: It is interesting to see this question keeps on coming up in the interview questions. Even though this is very old concept, I hardly see new DBAs know about this subject.

Let us see the answer the question about the forwarded records.

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SQL SERVER – Alternative to DBCC INPUTBUFFER – sys.dm_exec_input_buffer

DBCC INPUTBUFFER has been one of the most popular commands to display the last statement sent from a client to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server. We all have been using it for quite a while. However, this DBCC command showed very little information and DBA always wanted to see more details. In SQL Server 2016 we have a new Dynamic Management Function (DMV) sys.dm_exec_input_buffer which provides many additional details as well.

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