SQL SERVER – DMV to Get Host Information – sys.dm_os_host_info

There was a time when SQL Server used to run on only Microsoft Windows. However, the time has changed, and SQL Server now runs on Linux as well. This is indeed a great move as I believe database such as SQL Server should be running on multiple platforms. This is indeed a very interesting but it ads one more additional check before I jump into Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. In this blog post, we will learn about how to get host information from OS.

Earlier during consultancy, I always assumed that SQL Server is running on Windows, but now I also have to check if it is running on Linux or not. In earlier times I was able to do this with DMV which was related to Windows Only (sys.dm_os_windows_info). However, this DMV will not work on Linux machine. If you use earlier DMV, it will return empty results on Linux.

I quickly looked around and figured out that in SQL Server 2017, Microsoft has introduced new DMV which works on both the platform – Windows and Linux. Now onwards you can use this new DMV to get necessary information related to the host.

Let us see a simple example:

FROM sys.dm_os_host_info

When you run above script it will bring us following results:

SQL SERVER - DMV to Get Host Information - sys.dm_os_host_info dmoshostinfo-800x165

Well, as my most of the scripts check the details about the OS, I will have to change them to depend on new DMV as that is more robust and works with any operating system platform.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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