SQL SERVER – Quiz with DATEADD Function – SQL Puzzle

How many of us use some sort of date or datetime function when working with SQL Server? I cannot think of a single developer who would ever say they don’t work with datetime conversions in their application. Almost every application needs some manipulation of datetime datatypes. There are a number of pitfalls that can get into which we might not be aware. Here is a simple blog: Quiz with DATEADD Function that I would love to hear your views on what the output would be:

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SQL SERVER – List the Name of the Months Between Date Ranges – Part 2

Last week I wrote a blog post about SQL SERVER – List the Name of the Months Between Date Ranges. It was written in the response to the question – How to list the name of the months between two date ranges? In the original blog post, I made a small error, hence I corrected that in the follow up blog post. Thanks to Sanjay Monpara for helping me correct the error. There are some amazing comments received in the original blog posts.

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