SQL SERVER – FIX: Backup to URL Error: Operating System Error 50(The Request is Not Supported.)

It is always fun to work with “Backup to URL” feature of SQL Server. The error messages which are raised are from Azure storage side and an SQLDBA won’t be able to understand the meaning. While I was working with my VM to learn something about Backup to URL feature, I realized that my backups were failing. In this blog, let us learn how to fix the back to URL error: Operating system error 50(The request is not supported.). Here are the exact messages which I was getting in ERRORLOG.

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SQL SERVER – Msg 3292: A Failure Occurred While Attempting to Execute Backup or Restore With a URL Device Specified

In my recent project with a customer, they wanted to configure SQL backups to Azure Blob Storage. When we were trying to take a backup, we were facing error. In this blog we would learn how to fix error message 3292 – A failure occurred while attempting to execute Backup or Restore with a URL device specified.

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SQL SERVER – Backup to Microsoft Azure Tool – ERROR: Account Verification Failed

I have been seeing many customers moving their SQL Server to Cloud. Few of them have chosen Microsoft Azure platform to host their production server and few others have selected other cloud platforms like AWS. When they host SQL in Azure, they can choose various backup methods. In this blog, we would learn about fixing an interesting error “Account Verification Failed” while using Microsoft SQL Server Backup to Microsoft Azure Tool.

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