SQL SERVER – Faster SQL Server Databases and Applications – Power and Control with SafePeak Caching Options

Update: This blog post is written based on the SafePeak, which is available for free download. Today, I’d like to examine more closely one of my preferred technologies for accelerating SQL Server databases, SafePeak. Safepeak’s software provides a variety of advanced data caching options, techniques and tools to accelerate the…
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SQL SERVER – Database Dynamic Caching by Automatic SQL Server Performance Acceleration

My second look at SafePeak’s new version (2.1) revealed to me few additional interesting features. For those of you who hadn’t read my previous reviews SafePeak and not familiar with it, here is a quick brief: SafePeak is in business of accelerating performance of SQL Server applications, as well as their scalability, without making code changes to the applications or to the databases. SafePeak performs database dynamic caching, by caching in memory result sets of queries and stored procedures while keeping all those cache correct and up to date. Cached queries are retrieved from the SafePeak RAM in microsecond speed and not send to the SQL Server. The application gets much faster results (100-500 micro seconds), the load on the SQL Server is reduced (less CPU and IO) and the application or the infrastructure gets better scalability.

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SQLAuthority News – SafePeak version 2.1 for SQL Server Performance Acceleration


Couple of months ago I had the opportunity to share with my first look at SafePeak, a new and unique software solution for improving SQL Server performance and solving bottlenecks, accelerates the data access and cuts the CPU and IO of your SQL Server. SafePeak unique approach not just tells you about the problems but actually resolves them automatically and improves SQL Server performance and the performance of the applications dramatically. Let us read about Performance Acceleration.

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SQL SERVER – SafePeak – The Plug and Play Immediate Acceleration Solution

Let us learn about SafePeak – The Plug and Play Immediate Acceleration Solution.

Introduction – Plug and Play

Given how important performance is these days among SQL Server critical applications, I was excited to look into a new product by SafePeak Technologies that aims to immediately resolve, in a plug-and-play way, the performance, scalability and peaks challenges of SQL Server applications on the Cloud, hosting servers and enterprise data centers.

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