SQL SERVER – Rename Columnname or Tablename – SQL in Sixty Seconds #032 – Video

We all make mistakes at some point of time and we all change our opinion. There are quite a lot of people in the world who have changed their name after they have grown up. Some corrected their parent’s mistake and some create new mistake. Well, databases are not protected from such incidents. There are many reasons why developers may want to change the name of the column or table after it was initially created. The goal of this video is not to dwell on the reasons, but to learn how we can rename the column and table.

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SQL SERVER – Copy Data from One Table to Another Table – SQL in Sixty Seconds #031 – Video

Copy data from one table to another table is one of the most requested questions on forums, Facebook and Twitter. The question has come in many formats and there are places I have seen developers are using cursor instead of this direct method. Earlier I have written the similar article…
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SQL SERVER – Resolving SQL Server Connection Errors – SQL in Sixty Seconds #030 – Video

One of the most famous errors related to SQL Server is about connecting to SQL Server itself. Here is how it goes, most of the time developers have worked with SQL Server and knows pretty much every error which they face during development language. However, hardly they install fresh SQL…
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