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Is your SQL Server running slow and you want to speed it up without sharing server credentials? In my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, we can work together remotely and resolve your biggest performance troublemakers in less than 4 hours.

Once you learn my business secrets, you will fix the majority of problems in the future.

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Have you ever opened any PowerPoint deck when you face SQL Server Performance Tuning emergencies? SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop is my MOST popular training with no PowerPoint presentations and 100% practical demonstrations.

Essentially I share my business secrets to optimize SQL Server performance.

For SQL Server Emergency Help, you can reach out to me at pinal@sqlauthority.com with words URGENT in the email subject line for other services mention “Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check“.

SQL SERVER – De-fragmentation of Database at Operating System to Improve Performance

This issues was brought to me by our Sr. Network Engineer. While running operating system level de-fragmentation using either windows de-fragmentation or third party tool it always skip all the MDF file and never de-fragment them. He was wondering why this happens all the time. The reason MDF file are…
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SQL SERVER – 2005 – UDF – User Defined Function to Strip HTML – Parse HTML – No Regular Expression

One of the developers at my company asked is it possible to parse HTML and retrieve only TEXT from it without using regular expression. He wanted to remove everything between < and > and keep only Text. I found the question very interesting and quickly wrote UDF which does not use regular expression. Let us see how to parse HTML without regular expression.

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