Top 5 SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos

I have been building videos on SQL in the Sixty Seconds for a while and I have received lots of views and comments over them. Today we will be seeing the top 5 SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos.

Top 5 SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos

Here are the top 5 most loved SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos.

Top 5 SQL in Sixty Seconds Videos top5sql-800x237

Video 1: Write Efficient Queries

The real challenge is the definition of an efficient query. Everybody has their own definition of an efficient query. In today’s SQL in Sixty Seconds video, I discuss the definition of the efficient query and also explain my real-world experience with my client.

Video 2: Possible to Rollback TRUNCATE?

Is it possible to Rollback Truncate? If you know the answer, skip the video.

Video 3: Join or Inner Join

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between keyword Join and Inner Join? Are they same or different? If different, how are they different?

Video 4: Wait Stats for Performance

Let us learn three methods to do Wait Stats Analysis. Download Script and all-important details.

Video 5: Dirty Read with NOLOCK

Have you ever used hint NOLOCK to improve your query’s performance? Is NOLOCK good? What is actually dirty read?

Well, that’s it. I will be restarting to build a video on this series from the next week and I can’t wait for your feedback on this series. What would like to see next in this series of SQL in Sixty Seconds?

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