How to Install SQL Server 2019? – Interview Question of the Week #287 – SQL in Sixty Seconds #092

Question: How to Install SQL Server 2019?

How to Install SQL Server 2019? - Interview Question of the Week #287 - SQL in Sixty Seconds #092 92-SS2019-Install-800x450 Answer: This is one of the unique blog posts in the history of SQLAuthority where I am merging two of the blog post category together 1) SQL in the Sixty Seconds 2) SQL Interview Questions and Answers.

Lots of people have asked me why I have not created a video of SQL Server 2019 installation. The reason was simply that installing SQL Server 2019 is not as complicated as it used. You just make a couple of clicks and SQL Server 2019 is installed on your system.

Here is the video of how you can do it yourself.

One more thing, during the video I have not installed SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It now a separate installation from SQL Server Server. Here are a few important links you should know when you are installing the SQL Server.

You can also run it on Linux and Docker. If you are into docker, here are blog posts that explain to you how you can run this on the docker blog 1blog 2, and blog 3. SQL Server 2019 is available for on-premises as well as on the Azure. I have already downloaded the Development version of SQL Server and will be deployed on my machine, later on, to try out various demonstration which I have built for my presentations at SQLPASS.

You are welcome to ask me more questions. I am always looking forward to more ideas to build more videos. Please share your ideas with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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  • Venkata Sarath Pamujala
    August 10, 2020 7:04 am

    Hello Pinal Dave, your blogs are really very helpful to us. can you please show, what are the new features came in 2019 installation part?


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