Database Monitoring in 2020 Results From the Latest State of Monitoring Report

Redgate Software recently released the 3rd annual State of Database Monitoring report. This year the report was extended to cover all database platforms to get a better understanding of the wider industry, although it appears from the results that SQL Server is still the most popular platform for hosting and managing data.

Database Monitoring in 2020 Results From the Latest State of Monitoring Report monitoring-report-800x457

With over 900 participants taking part this year, the insights from the report can help organizations understand and tackle the challenges facing business in 2020. This blog will cover a few of the key findings that emerged, and for the full insights, you can download the comprehensive report.

Top challenges for 2020

The survey behind the report was launched during the early days of the global COVID-19 pandemic yet, despite this, the global community responded with the highest number of submissions ever. The impact of the pandemic can be seen in the results with remote working, for example, now the norm for many organizations.

The top challenges cited were improving performance followed by staffing and recruitment, which saw the biggest change, increasing by more than 10% from 2019, probably as a result of the pandemic.

Organizations have had to adapt in order to continue business as usual, and many who have relied on physical access to servers in the past now have to cope with not being in the same building. Migrating to and integrating with the cloud is the second biggest challenge expected in the next 12 months as organizations strive to achieve a more flexible way of working.

Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly

The need to work remotely has made cloud-based setups a lot more attractive, the ability to monitor from anywhere offering huge advantages in terms of responsiveness and flexibility. The State of Database Monitoring report has seen a continued rise in cloud usage over the last two years, and Microsoft Azure is up 15 percentage points in comparison to last year and remains the most-used cloud platform. Oracle DB Cloud Service usage also saw an increase, growing by 13 percentage points year-on-year.

Monitoring is key to Database DevOps success

The report found that those with third-party monitoring tools were able to detect and recover from deployment issues quicker than those who didn’t have monitoring in place. There was also the secondary benefit of improved communications between DBAs and Developers when both teams have visibility of the monitoring data.

To discover the full insights from the report, you can download your free copy of the 2020 State of Database Monitoring report here.

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