Driving up Database Coding Standards and Productivity with SQL Prompt

Alongside specialists, an IT department needs people who are broadly skilled and adaptable, who can pivot quickly to new projects, slot easily into new teams, and be productive quickly. In this blog post, we will learn about database coding standards and productivity.

SQL Prompt is the industry-leading SQL IntelliSense and code-formatting tool and is an investment in developer versatility and productivity. It will both increase personal coding productivity and improve team-based development practices, leading to higher quality, more consistent and more reliable code.

Improving the design and quality of the code will speed up the development process and help minimize the occurrence of mistake that can result in the loss of code or even data.

It is sometimes best to think of SQL Prompt as if it were a Treasure Island. You tend to come across the good things by setting out to discover them. There is plenty of buried treasure for the busy full-stack programmer, but just because you’ve found one chest full of good things doesn’t mean that you’ve got everything that lies around about.

The map gives a hint of buried gold. What is in the Refactoring Redoubt, the Sands of Suggestion? Is it worth exploring the Caves of Code analysis, the Formatting Forest or the Terraces of Tab Management?

OK, you can put away your shovels and maps, because we’re going to tell you where everything is hidden, what is likely to be found, and why it is worth having.

Driving up Database Coding Standards and Productivity with SQL Prompt Treasure-Map-promo-banner2-800x737

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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