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Just after a few hours of publishing the blog post, I will be presenting at the online conference DevAroundTheSun. Dev Around The Sun is a technology event with tech talks and human skills talks. With renowned speakers from many communities, spanning many technologies and continents, who will educate, entertain, and inspire our audience.

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Here is what I will be presenting today at 6:15 – 6:40 UTC on May 13, 2020. While it says May 13, it is actually just after a few hours of this session. If you want to check what is the UTC time right now you can run the following query on your SQL Server.


Data is Obnoxiously Pleasant – SQL as Calculator

In this session, we are going to look at some of the fun stuff around data. We will use SQL Server as a calculator and will try our best to run a simple query that a grade 5 student can easily answer without using pen and paper. However, let us see if we grown-up individuals with a power tool as SQL Server can answer those simple questions.

This session is going to very much fun, learn, and be happy sessions. I will be sharing many different stories from my work experience of years of SQL Server performance tuning experts. This session is of 25 minutes we will see nearly 20-30 different quiz kind of questions where we will be using SQL Server as a calculator. The session while going to be funny, will teach so many nuances of the SQL Server operators, functions, and procedures.

In this blog post, I am going to most of the important resources which I will be covering in the session.

I have previously done in a similar spirit another session which I have listed here.

  • An Index Reduces Performance of SELECT Queries (Video)
  • 3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance (Video)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy – In-Person (Video)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy – Online (Video)
  • 3 Performance Tuning Tricks you Always Wanted to Know (Video)
  • Secrets of SQL Server-Database Worst Practices (Video)
  • Kick Start! SQL Server 2017/2019 Performance Tips and Trick (Video)

Watch the Session – DevAroundTheSun

You can just go to the homepage of the DevAroundTheSun and watch the currently going on the session. I will be presenting on 6:15 – 6:40 UTC on May 13, 2020.

Hope to see you online soon!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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