Work from Home Contest – Download Spotlight And Win USD 100

Many of us are working from home nowadays due to Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) and during this time, it is very important that we keep watching our health. Many of the readers are of this blog are Database Administrators and Database Developers and it is our job to manage and monitor remote databases. Today in this blog post, I am going to discuss the Work from Home Contest where you can Download Spotlight and Win USD 100.

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Spotlight for SQL Server Performance

Every single time when I have to manage my SQL Server remotely, my preference is to monitor it with the help of a spotlight. You should definitely try out Spotlight to:

  • Improve SQL Server performance proactively to avoid dropping the ball on your growing responsibilities.
  • Gain deep visibility into all aspects of your database environment.
  • Diagnose real-time and historical issues quickly.
  • Achieve high availability.

When I am busy managing the database in the organization I have lots of different tasks and I have very little time to focus on Performance Tuning and that is where I depend on tools like Spotlight which can tell me immediately with one glance what is wrong with my database and how I can improve the performance of the same almost instantly.

Download and Win USD 100

I recently talked to kind folks at Quest about the DBA’s need to remote manage their database. They have offered 30 days free trial to their flagship product Spotlight. If you download it between today and March 17th, you will be entered to win USD 100 gift card. There are a total of 3 gift cards of each USD 100. So yeah, share the link with your co-workers and encourage them to download Spotlight as well.

Here is the link to Download Spotlight. (Download before April 17)

Three lucky winners will get USD 100 each.

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