Scalability and Availability Challenges and Shareplex Solutions

If you ask any DBA in the world about their wildest dream, they will always say that want to manage a huge database platform which is scalable whenever it needs to and available always. If you are a DBA, you will agree with the statement. Every DBA who is going home after a day-long work only dreams that a) he does not have to wake up mid-night and b) the first task next day is not to worry about the capacity of the server. Let us learn about Scalability and Availability Challenges and Shareplex Solutions.

In this blog post, we will talk about the subject which directly impacts scalability and available for the database server and in the later part we will see how we can overcome the issues.

Disk Space

If you are familiar with SQL Server, you would know disk space plays a significant role in the overall picture. Let us quickly talk about issues which SQL Server DBA has to face related to disk place.

Log File Growth:

It is essential to keep the database safe all the time, and if any disaster shows up, it is critical to have a database back. Most of the database organizations who care about the safety of their database, they prefer to keep their database in a Full Recovery Mode. When the database is full recovery mode, every single update in the database is logged in the log file. Even if you rebuild indexes or perform any other similar maintenance task, SQL Server will fill up the log.

Auto File Growth:

This particular feature can take many DBAs by surprise. It is a widespread practice that users usually keeps the database file growth at 10% of the database size. If your database size is enormous, and 10% of the file growth is larger than available space on the disk, it is entirely possible that your SQL Server will come to a halt till you free up more space in your SQL Server. The issues with space can be very unpredictable and also quite possibly will catch DBAs with surprise.

Scalability and Availability Challenges and Shareplex Solutions availscal

CPU Resource

Just like disk space, the consumption of the CPU is very unpredictable. If you run a while loop or cursor on your system, you will forsee CPU spike in your database. CPU often struggles with running out of threads when the workload increases beyond the default assigned threads per CPU. Usually, a long queue of the threads leads to eventually timing out queries which wake up DBAs in the night.

It is not essential that our application is available and our database is online, it is equally important that we run our business also efficiently. It is critical for any organization to have the right set of tools when having massive data movement across various database platforms.

Now we have understood the Scalability and Availability Challenges, let us discuss the solution.

SharePlex – A Easily Scalable and Highly Available Solution

We often hear in the industry that disk, memory, and processors are inexpensive and it can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. I agree that hardware resources have been more affordable in the recent time, but they are not unlimited. There is always a capacity how much resources can be available for any system.

It is sometimes challenging to upgrade the hardware of one system and run our system efficiently. The best possible solution that case would be to scale the hardware and build a high availability solution.

Here is the where I suggest SharePlex to my customers. It is a unique solution which replicates data from one database platform to another database platform.

Here are few of the essential features of SharePlex

  • It is database vendor agnostic making it work with pretty much works with most of the popular database platforms like SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AuroraDB, Azure SQL Database service, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, Java Message Service (JMS), MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata,Tibero, Kafka, and flat, SQL and XML files.
  • It supports near real-time data integration and replication which comes out very handy when you are resource stripped and want to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Here is the next action for you – Download Free Trial of SharePlex and validate it for your application. As I said earlier the best part of this product is that it replicates data in any environment which helps you to scale immediately and keep your database highly available.

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