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Yesterday I wrote a blog post about COVID-19, Working From Home and Performance Tuning and I have received a lot of email responses to this blog post. Also on twitter, lots of people also reached out to me for further conversation. It is indeed interesting to see how dynamics change with a virus spread across the work. It is now more critical than before to keep our learning up and keep ourself get going. Let me share today some of the Free Performance Tuning Videos for SQL Server.

SQL SERVER - Free Performance Tuning Videos free-performance-800x260

If you are into SQL Server, you have to constantly learn new features, improvements and new additions to SQL Server. One of the areas which are constantly changing is the SQL Server Performance Tuning. I have several of the free videos out online on this topic and you can watch all of them for free while you are working from home.

  • An Index Reduces Performance of SELECT Queries (Video)
  • 3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance (Video)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy – In-Person (Video)
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy – Online (Video)
  • 3 Performance Tuning Tricks you Always Wanted to Know (Video)
  • Secrets of SQL Server-Database Worst Practices (Video)
  • Kick Start! SQL Server 2017/2019 Performance Tips and Trick (Video)

If you have time, I suggest you go through all the videos and post questions here. I will be happy to answer any questions related to SQL Server Performance Tuning. You can also subscribe to my newsletter where we discuss SQL Server Performance Tuning quite often and here is the link for subscribing to the newsletter.

Now if you are getting bored working from home and want to practice some puzzles, I have previously posted quite many puzzles on this blog and you can find them here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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