Centralpoint – Digital Experience Platform with Artificial Intelligence

The biggest advantage of my consulting job is that I get to learn new things every single day when I am helping different organizations solve their SQL Server Performance problems. While working with one of my largest technology clients, I came across very interesting technology which many of you have not heard about it but indeed a flagship Digital Experience Platform with Artificial Intelligence – known as Centralpoint.

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Centralpoint, by Oxcyon has made Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms, and are stirring things up a lot. This company is nearly 20 years old, and boasts nearly 350 clients including the US Congress, about 70 Healthcare Systems, and many others. It is all Microsoft/SQL based and can be installed on-premise or cloud, and they offer some really powerful tools that you just don’t see every day.

Data Transformation Tool

First, there is their data transformation tools, which can ingest or index data from a variety of sources both structured (like Oracle, IBM, SQL, XML) and unstructured (scanning and ingesting from multiple file paths which could include PDF, Word, images, or virtually anything). This is really where Centralpoint gets its name, and with so many disparate silos of information in most organizations, you can imagine the value of being able to search across everything at once.

Not only can Centralpoint aggregate all of your data (or index the links to their actual whereabouts) on a scheduled basis, it can also automatically apply metadata based upon the contents of each file indexed or ingested (this is what they do for the US Congress). Data dictionaries can be imported, to allow each record to be scanned, and based upon matches of the contents, Centralpoint will automatically add the metadata for you. This allows all users to keep dumping their information in file folders, which is easy for them, and Centralpoint will pick it up and ingest it so that it is now searchable online. Culturally this is an interesting twist because most users do not like entering information, and frankly, they are not very good at tagging it properly; so think of this as the ‘enabler’ which allows people to do their job, and depend on Centralpoint to organize the information properly and accurately for them. (Read more details)

Easy Integration

Second, they integrate right out of the box with either AD, LDAP, OATH or SAML, allowing you to maintain multiple web-based initiatives (public, private, employees, clients) all from the same technology. This is why Gartner has them ranked in Digital Experience Platforms, because the way these guys see it, it is about a secure ‘Digital Experience’ for each user, depending on who they are (and their singular or multiple roles they have). Most large enterprise solutions need secure authentication wherein all information is served to each user based upon roles, this global login tool is an agnostic way to do the plumbing easily to ensure each user see only what they are allowed to (employee, client, anyone). (Read more details)

Document Retention Policy Management

The third is their unique approach to the issue of Document Retention Policy Management. Like their data transformation (but working in reverse order) Centralpoint will spider your many systems on a scheduled basis (normally daily) against your retention policies. Here, Centralpoint is detecting records in other systems that should be archived or deleted. When it finds them, it notifies you for approval to delete, and when you give it the thumbs up, it will return to those systems to actually delete or archive the records, maintaining an auditable report of its activities. Here Centralpoint could be considered something of a ‘COMPLIANCE APPLIANCE’  for your sensitive records and the proper expiration of each. (Read more details)

Summary – Call to Action

Lastly, Oxcyon has some really clever tools to make this centralized knowledge ‘portable’ or available to your other web-based applications. This is something they call an AI Assistant or AI Coach, and it empowers you to pop up within other web-based applications you run with the right answer when it is needed. Just think about clients, or customer service representatives fielding a call, able to get to the appropriate answer as fast as possible without leaving their screen. Oxcyon has even integrated it with IVR solutions like Genesys and Cisco, which means the incoming call drivers from the IVR, as they are typed in by the user, search against the knowledge presenting the right answers, sometimes before the call center rep even answers the phone-pretty amazing.

I strongly suggest that you Check Out Centralpoint and Schedule a Demonstration.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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