SQL PASS 2019 – Session Feedback – Elementary! The Curious Case of Deceptive Query Optimizer

Earlier this year, I presented a technical session on SQL Server Performance Tuning at SQL PASS 2019 at Seattle. Let us see the session feedback of Elementary! The Curious Case of Deceptive Query Optimizer. I have built this entire session from my experience with my clients while working on Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. I have written a detailed blog post about this session over here: 5 Resources from SQLPASS 2019 – Seattle.

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Elementary! The Curious Case of Deceptive Query Optimizer at SQLPASS 2019

Abstract:  We will see two important case studies where the optimizer is obviously a criminal who has killed the query performance. We will carefully investigate inside the Query Optimizer together and attempt to understand why it often behaves in a manner that is beyond common sense. While we investigate our crime scene of a poorly running query, we will come across many unusual and usual suspects, like – statistics, query hints, indexes, cardinality, and compatibility. Just like a true investigator, we will figure out why Query Optimizer is not a criminal, but rather a victim of circumstances. Before we end the session, we will have a revelation of the true culprits. The journey would not be an easy one, join only if you have a keen desire to solve the mystery and learn advanced level concepts of Query Optimizer.

Level: 400
Attendance: 248
Total Responses: 40

Session Feedback

Eval Question (out of 5)
Rate the value of the session content.  4.85
How useful and relevant is the session content to your job/career? 4.78
How well did this session meet your expectations? 4.78
How well did the session’s Title, Abstract, Level, Technology Focus, Content Stream, and Audience align with what was presented? 4.80
Rate the speaker’s knowledge and expertise of the subject matter. 4.93
Rate the overall presentation and delivery of the session content. 4.83
Rate the balance of educational content versus that of sales, marketing, and promotional subject matter. 4.78

I was extremely happy that even though it was a 400 level session, I received quite a good feedback (4.93 out of 5) as a Speaker’s Knowledge and Expertise of the subject matter.

Detailed Feedback

I have received a lots of great feedback, I am listing here most of the feedback which has something to add to the original session (not just great, fine, thanks etc).

Humorous delivery of difficult investigation.

Very interesting topic. Fully met expectations. Definitely makes one reconsider their implementations/approach.

I loved the examples! It’s good to know to prioritize SET STATISTICS IO,TIME ON over the execution plan as that’s not something I’ve been doing.

I knew about the dangers of indexes but we definitely have too many in our prod environments.

Exciting, funny , engaging Typical Pinal presentation. High energy, good demos and good information.

Very funny and fast-paced. Thanks for the challenges.

Hilarious AND educational? Yes, please!

I loved the humor and excitement the speaker has for the topic. Was a pleasure and informative to attend.

Might have been my favorite session, but at the very least it was top 3. Pinal Dave is knows how to combine his in-depth expertise with humor and great presenting skills into incredibly memorable presentations. Thanks so much for all you do Pinal Dave!

Continue like that don’t stop. Great!!

Pinal is truly the SQL Authority!

The most entertaining session of the conference for me.Helped me to understand my bias in thinking.

Pinal Dave is an excellent and enthusiastic speaker. His style and methods are out of the box of standard optimization techniques, and this is what made the session helpful.

Pinal, so enjoyable session and full of eye opening demos. You leave me with a different mindset to look at my query tuning process. Thanks a lot.

Pinal always has a great sense of humor and keeps me engaged! Always enjoy his sessions.

In my opinion Pinal was absolutely the best presenter at the conference. Great job and also very thought provoking topic. I know you left things open intentionally. Thank you for being real and having a excellent sense of humor.

I am really thankful to all of you to attend this session. I am extremely thankful to all of you kind folks for attending this session. To get the free resources and to know who helped me to build this session (and who took the photo in the blog), head out to  5 Resources from SQLPASS 2019 – Seattle.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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