PostgreSQL – Storing Unicode Characters is Easy

One of the interesting features of PostgreSQL database is the ability to handle Unicode characters. In SQL Server, to store non-English characters, we need to use NVARCHAR or NCAHR data type. In PostgreSQL, the varchar data type itself will store both English and non-English characters.

PostgreSQL - Storing Unicode Characters is Easy unicodepostgresql

Let us explore this with the following example. Create a table in PostgreSQL database as shown below


The above example adds a string of Russian characters (It means January in English)

Now let us SELECT the column value and see what it returns


The result is

PostgreSQL - Storing Unicode Characters is Easy pg_varchar_result

As you see, with just varchar data type, the PostgreSQL engine is able to store multi-language characters without any additional approaches

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Let me know if any other Database Engine has this type of feature, I will be happy to learn from you and post on this blog with due credit to you.

Here are few of the blog post I wrote earlier about PostgreSQL.

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