Oracle to SQL Server Data Migration and Replication – Budget and ROI

My primary job is to help various organizations design scalable architecture which can provide robust performance all the time. I love my job very much when I have complete freedom to make the decisions to build elaborate infrastructure. However, not every time I am allowed to do what I want to do because every CEO and CTO are concerned about one thing – “Budget and ROI (Return of investment).”

Oracle to SQL Server Data Migration and Replication - Budget and ROI oracletoss

Popular Belief for Oracle EE

Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) can be extremely expensive and always takes a huge share in the IT budget of any organizations. Additionally, many quite frequently believe that once you implement Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE), it is not possible to free out of the product. Often the feeling of the organization is that they must use the same product and they are locked in with the product. This is really very advantages to Oracle as they would love their product to be used as much as possible. If users stay with their product for the longest time, they make more money in licenses and subscriptions.

ScaleOut from Oracle EE

If you read the title, you will notice that the words in the title, instead of the word migration, I have used the word ScaleOut. The reason, I am not suggesting right out-migration as it may involve a lot of planning. However, sometimes it totally makes sense to offload the non-essential as well as some of the essential workloads to a totally different server.

There are always solutions where you can replicate or migrate your data to a more cost-effective platform like Oracle Standard Edition (SE) or even to SQL Server (which is a competing product of Oracle). However, migrating or replicating data to ScaleOut is not easy as it requires lots of planning and programming.

SharePlex to Replicate and Integrate Data

This is where SharePlex actually comes to rescue organizations where it can help us to easily replicate and integrate data from one platform to another platform very easily. With SharePlex data replication, one can safely and affordably move data to another platform with zero downtime and zero data loss.

Shareplex helps to accomplish database operational goals without affecting business with a real-time copy of your production data. It also helps to break free from the expensive databases which can just hold your data as ransom and makes you pay for expensive licenses. Additionally, SharePlex helps to offload reporting to another server and implement load balancing to improve database performance, optimize your reporting environment and improve OLTP performance.

Call for Action

I believe you can achieve the five 9’s of availability during database disaster recovery, migrations, patches and upgrades, eliminating stress and risk while giving you more time to focus on other priorities if you use SharePlex.

Download and try out SharePlex now.

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  • Unfortunately, SharePlex no longer offers or supports Oracle to SQL Server as of around March 2019, they only support Oracle to Oracle currently. We are going to look to see if we can find another lost cost alternative to GoldenGate and are going to look into a few options we have found: Affinity, HVR, Dbvisit Replicate, and StarQuest Data Replication.


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