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The other day, I received an email asking – What does elastic scalability mean?

Honestly, a question such as this is really complicated as there is no one clear answer to it. Everyone has their own definition of elastic scalability. However, everyone will agree with my following statement about elastic scalability.

Elastic Scalability is the capability of the database to provide amazing scale-out performance and scale-in cost savings on-demand.

NuoDB - Achieving Performance Through Scale-Out - Elastic Scalability elasticscalability Every organization wants to get the most out of any growth opportunity presented to them. A successful business often predicts when they need more resources for their database. However, there are moments in the life of organizations when they grow so fast, they need to scale-out pretty fast. This is the time when one needs elastic scalability, more than any other day. You do not want your application to crash or start performing poorly when there are more business opportunity.

Remember for running a good business, you need your application to be responsive and available. To keep your database always available to scale, you need an architecture which can easily scale. With that said, if you look at all the database application around, you will agree that database relatively very complicated to scale.

On the other hand, these bursts of growth can sometimes not last long, so you need to be able to also cut your resources down so you aren’t spending too much money when you don’t have the volume.

Scaling a traditional relational database usually requires lots of planning and it is a very nervous road for even experienced DBA. Whereas, NoSQL often requires development work for the application.

Good News

Well, here is good news for everyone. Now you do not have to worry about application re-write when you have to scale-out your database. NuoDB preserves ACID guarantees and a standards-based SQL interface while providing simple and elastic scaling. In simple words you can add and remove database capacity as you need them, which eventually lower the total cost of ownership and your application team will have to not worry about database programming or architecture.

There are three unique advantages –

  1. Lower total cost by matching resources with demand
  2. Improve your product by focusing on application code
  3. Grow your business without technical limitation

Call to Action

There are two simple call to action-

First – Read about how Elastic Scalability can be achieved by NuoDB

Second – Download and Try out NuoDB

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