SQLAuthority News – NuoDB RC2 Available to Download – General Availability in Near Future

SQLAuthority News - NuoDB RC2 Available to Download - General Availability in Near Future nuoDB_logo_rgb_300 Regular readers who are familiar with my blog will be also familiar with my interest in NuoDB. It is a very innovative new age database which follows 100% SQL, ACID and Elastically Scalability. Here is an earlier article on this subject where we explain why sharing will no more required due to the implementation of the NuoDB.

Each NuoDB database consists of at least three or more processes that enable a single database to run across multiple hosts. These processes include a Broker, a Transaction Engine and a Storage Manager.  Brokers are responsible for connecting client applications to Transaction Engines and maintain a global view of the network to keep track of the multiple Transaction Engines available at any time. Transaction Engines are in-memory processes that client applications connect to for processing SQL transactions. Storage Managers are responsible for persisting data to disk and serving up records to the Transaction Managers if they don’t exist in memory.

NuoDB had just made announcement that NuoDB Release Candidate (RC2) is now available for download. It is a very stable release and have many bugs fixed.

Here are few of the new enhancements in the product:

  • SQL Improvements
    • Improved support in NuoDB SQL for time zones. Continued improved compliance with the standard.
    • New EXPLAIN statement
    • Support for ‘!=’ operator.
  • Tunable Commit Protocol Improvements
    • Improvements in support for configurable durability
  • Administration
    • Feature enhancements for the command line administration tool (NuoDB Manager).
    • Feature enhancements and improved usability for NuoConsole
    • New option that allows starting a database in non-durable mode.
    • New warning message in case the user tries to use the Web Console with JavaScript turned OFF
  • Using NuoDB APIs
    • Support for com.nuodb.jdbc.DataSource has been added.
  • Drivers and Connections
    • Significant improvements in JRuby Driver
    • Improvements in soft shutdown performance

You can download the this innovative database from here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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