NuoDB – 3 Important Features of Elastic SQL Database Every One Must Know

NuoDB - 3 Important Features of Elastic SQL Database Every One Must Know SQLAuthority-Blog-800x445 During a consulting engagement, I was asked if I know anything about NuoDB and what is my opinion about it. Well, NuoDB has been my favorite Elastic SQL Database and I have been using it for a while where I find relational database hits their limits and NewSQL solution NuoDB is the solution.

Let us see three important features of this elastic SQL Database I believe everyone must know.

Elastic SQL

Traditional relational SQL databases are great for on-premises, single data center environments, but they lose their significance as the needs of the organizations become more distributed, less predictable, and higher in volume. NoSQL solutions satisfy scale-out and continuous availability needs, but compromise strict transactional consistency, guaranteed durability, and the familiarity of a SQL interface. Many NewSQL products maintain SQL as they scale, but are often limited to highly specialized use cases.

Recently a new class of SQL databases has emerged that are purpose-built to deliver elasticity, strict transactional consistency, rich ANSI-SQL support, and continuous availability. NuoDB is an elastic SQL Database and overcomes the limitations of various traditional databases.

Elastic Scalability

Scaling is never an easy solution. Scaling a traditional relational database requires expensive provisioning, risky recreating procedures, sharding, or complicated clustering strategies. Similarly scaling NoSQL means adding development burdens on your application team. This also requires substantial rewrites to the application to incorporate data management logic now abandoned by the database.

NuoDB preserves ACID guarantees and a standards-based SQL interface while providing simple and elastic scaling. That means you add capacity only when you need it – and let go of it when you don’t.

Active Active Database

Who does not want to their database to Always on and Always available. For critical customer business operations, you need to deliver data fast and around the clock. The business success depends on the availability of the data. Most of the traditional databases either does not offer active-active infrastructure as well as they want users to pay extra for add-ons if they have any provision of the databases. Trust me my experience says that need of active active database has been always there, but there is no good solution for this particular product.

The NuoDB’s elastic SQL database offers an active-active benefits as part of the database, eliminating the need for additional software. It also supports read and write to multiple available host following ACID guarantees.

Next Action – I suggest just like me, you should try out NuoDB.

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