SQL – NuoDB Releases 1.2 has Several SQL Enhancements

I have been following NuoDB for quite a while and the matter of the fact, I am very much impressed with the product. What impresses me that release cycle. Every 2-3 month they add some really new features to their products and make it more mature. When I was using NuoDB 1.0, I was thinking that they have finished the development of the product as it was very stable release and had pretty much most of the features which I was looking for. However, when I see the latest release of NuoDB 1.2, I can clearly see that they have indeed progressed a lot and have added features which some of the ancient database applications might have added after many years of the development of the product.

Here are the details about the latest release. I am pretty excited with their product and all the new features.

SQL Explorer improvements

  • The NuoDB Schema Definition for defining new schemas, tables, columns, and keys via  easy-to-use UI gestures;
  • Multi-line statements are now supported in the query window.

A unique take on stored procedures (preview) that allows users to:

  • Scale-out at high performance; internal testing on DBT-2 resulted in a 3X increase in an already high performance of 1Million+ transactions per second;
  • Run procedures on multiple hosts;
  • Support for high-level languages like Java, .NET and JavaScript.

Enhanced SQL functions to:

  • Aid the user in more easily understanding his/her data. NEED MORE FROM ENGINEERING ON MIN/MAX OR WHATEVER

Personally I was looking forward to Multi-line statements improvement very much eagerly as I think that feature was definitely required for mature product like NuoDb. In the real world we often need to run more than one line statements in our SQL Explorer for testing purpose and I am glad to see that it is now available in the query explorer for developers. Please note that this feature was for sure available when we were running code using application but was not there in SQL Explorer. I am delighted that the kind folks at NuoDB heard the feedback and immediately released the new version with this feature included. This demonstrates that how agile and customer oriented the organization is. Hats off to the team who took the feedback seriously and acted on it positively.

Call to Action

I have downloaded NuoDB earlier, if you haven’t experienced it so far the goodness of the product, I suggest you try it out today.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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